Successful Marketing Technology and Data Projects

Marketing technology and data is creating tons of opportunities for every industry. So, many companies are pursuing change efforts to capture these opportunities by initiating digital transformation projects.
However return on investment is proven to be a challenge. And as a result…

“Change projects fail at a terrifyingly high rate -in fact,
the frequently quote figure is 70%.”


As a marketing technology and data specialist I share the excitement over the opportunities these technologies offer. Yet chances of a transformation succeeding heavily depend on the organization itself.

By bringing marketing technology expertise and hands-on experience as a senior marketer I successfully help companies by leading their digital transformation projects.

Increasing the success rate of any digital transformation project by understanding in which technology to invest and -above all- how to leverage these new technologies within your organization.

Marketing Tech & Data 86%
Marketing & Sales 81%
Succesful projects 84%

Marketing Cloud Solutions

Enabling platforms such as

Adobe Experience Cloud // Salesforce Marketing Cloud // Oracle Marketing Cloud // Google360.

Experience & Personalization

Enabling platforms such as

Adobe Experience Manager // WordPress // Joomla // Optimizely // Hubspot // Magento // Adobe Target.

Data & API

Enabling platforms such as

Adobe Audience Manager // Salesforce Krux // Google Big Query // MuleSoft Anypoint // QlikView // Perforce Akana.

Marketing technology and big data by Rob Steffe, Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster – marketing technology and data specialist

Hi, my name is Rob Steffe. My freelance label ‘Cookie Monster’ is loosely based on one of the best-known user tracking tools in digital marketing: the browser cookie.

Sometimes viewed as a scary monster, but it is as scary as the Cookie Monster created by Jim Henson. Hence, the inspiration for my label.

My professional career started as a financial analyst, but I soon discovered my passion for marketing, data and IT. The early years with a strong focus on media, research and advertising. Which shifted to marketing technology and data analysis in the last decade.

I am a marketing and sales generalist, specialized in leading digital transformation projects.

Making marketing technology and data analysis work for you. ツ


CMS Migration

Business Strategy, Marketing Technology

Marketing Attribution Strategy

Business Strategy, Marketing Attribution, Marketing Technology

Web Analytics Migration

Marketing Attribution, Marketing Technology

DMP Implementation

Business Strategy, Marketing Automation, Marketing Technology

Next Best Action Marketing

Big Data, Marketing Automation, Marketing Technology

Advertising Technology RFI/RFP

Business Strategy, Marketing Technology

Experience Data Layer

Big Data, Business Strategy

GDPR Project

Big Data, Business Strategy, Data Privacy

Digital Brand Strategy

Marketing Attribution

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Improve your business with new marketing technology and data analyses?

In that case I am happy to successfully lead your marketing technology and data analyses project. Curious? Feel free to reach out by using the contact details in the section below.

Looking forward to adding you to my list of happy customers!