Modern Customer Experience Summit 2019

Modern Customer Experience Summit

The ‘Oracle Modern Customer Experience Summit 2019’ was held in ‘t Spant in Bussum (the Netherlands). Oracle invited me to make a video report of the event and its sessions. Here’s a summary, followed by the video. 

Collaborate to compete

‘Collaborate to compete’ is the title of a book from 2003. But in the context of marketing technology and data it is more topical than ever. 

Whether it’s units within a department, different departments within a company or even different companies among themselves. In the ‘experience economy’, ‘collaborate to compete’ seems essential for success. Yuri van Geest -one of the speakers- even mentioned it as one of the important reasons why China leads the way in the field of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and Machine Learning (ML).

So, ‘collaborate to compete’ was the core take-out of many sessions during the Adobe MCX Summit for me.

Video report of Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience Summit 2019 (in Dutch)

CDPs | An enlightening session during the ‘Modern Customer Experience Summit’

During the ‘Oracle MCX Summit’ there was a very interesting session about Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) from the CDP Institute. In which the difference between a DMP, data lake and a CDP was explained. 

If you like to learn more about CDPs, I recommend visiting the CDP Institute’s Library. Here you can find definitions, vendor profiles, and much more.

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