• Client:Unitymedia Business | Telecom | 2018-2019
  • Categories:Business Strategy, Marketing Technology

This page describes one of my CMS migration projects. In short the primary objective was simple: simplifying the digital architecture and partner structure.


The existing architecture contained multiple content management systems, managed by various specialized partners. Therefore turnaround times for new content and features were quit lengthy. Meanwhile various tests had shown that improving this process would positively impact digital sales and reduce churn.

In summary:

  • Simplify the digital architecture and partner structure
  • Create a custom flow for prospects and existing business clients
  • Improve turnaround time for new business products and offers


As a solution to the complexity of the architecture one single CMS was chosen: Adobe Experience Manager. This CMS needed to become the single application for all sub-domains and portals, with the exception of the eCommerce flow. Web development, content management and web analytics needed to be insourced to further improve the turnaround time.

In summary:

  • Single CMS for brochure website and other portals
  • Custom eCommerce flow using ATOM CSS
  • Largely insource content management and web analytics

Result of the CMS migration

At the projected launch date the CMS migration was successfully finalized. However the business benefits came a few months later. This was due to the fact that the internal organization needed more time to adept. In other words, insourcing some processes added complexity. And the team needed additional time to fine tune the process, before the investment translated in business benefits.

In summary:

  • Number of partners reduced by 60%
  • Time to market reduced by over 70%
  • Added capabilities such as personalization and tag management

Tools and partners

To sum up the main tools and partners used in this CMS migration project:

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