• Client:Liberty Global | Telecom | 2015-2018
  • Categories:Business Strategy, Marketing Automation, Marketing Technology

This page describes one of my DMP implementation projects. The benefit of adding a data management platform to the digital ecosystem is the ability to integrate first-, second- and third-party data into one system.


As part of its pan-European business strategy this client focused on its efforts to improve the overall customer experience.

Various business cases had shown that personalization would positively impact acquisition cost as well as reduce churn. Therefore a data management platform was added to the digital ecosystem, enabling quit a few new personalization use cases.

Some of the use cases are:

  • Create multi-channel campaigns based on shared audiences
  • Build customer segments using in-app and on-site behavior
  • Add exclusion segments for customer acquisition campaigns
  • Enrich audience segments for re-marketing campaigns
  • As well as look-a-like modelling capabilities


Adding a DMP is as easy as adding an additional piece of code to all required web pages and apps. However that is only one of many required steps.

To sum it up, these have been the most important steps within this project:

  • Create a unified approach to user identification
  • Build a data taxonomy; both customer and order data
  • Organize audiences based on business cases
  • Define and configure data sources for data gathering
  • Assign and integrate channels to share audiences with

Results of the DMP implementation

Enabling Adobe Audience Manager came with a number of prerequisites in its implementation guide. Above all, we needed to upgrade to the new Experience Cloud Visitor ID services.

Since the maturity of the digital architecture differed per market we needed to create individual release plans. So, after creating these plans we successfully implemented Adobe Audience Manager in each market.

However, the benefits of having a DMP strongly varied per market. In conclusion we found that these three factors heavily impact the benefits of using a DMP:

  • Ability to create a unified approach to user identification
  • Availability of a harmonized data architecture
  • Digital savvy marketing teams

Tools and partners

In addition to Adobe Audience Manager as the data management platform, these marketing technology platforms have been part of this project.

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