• Client:UPC Switzerland | Telecom | 2016-2017
  • Categories:Big Data, Marketing Automation, Marketing Technology

Next Best Action Marketing is a concept in which marketing technology identifies the most effective action towards a customer. This page describes one of my projects in which I contributed to the roll-out of a NBA solution.

Why Next-Best-Action Marketing?

Next Best Action Marketing (NBA) is a data-oriented and rule-based approach to personalization. Because it determines the next best step in the sales or marketing process using behavior data of each customer and prospect.

So, by enabling next best action marketing this client aimed to:

  • Increase sales by implementing customized paths-to-purchase
  • Improve customers loyalty by creating personalized service messages
  • Synchronize inbound and outbound messaging


This project started with a strong focus on inbound marketing. So, call agents received a real-time personalized offer for each individual customer and prospect. Secondly, we added outbound channels like email and (digital) advertising.

Finally, data from other channels -like the client’s website- have been added as a data source. As such enriching the behavior data and enabling new business cases.


Implementing NBA directly contributed the the bottom-line by increasing conversion rates via inbound marketing channels. However it proved to be more challenging to create a positive return on investment via outbound channels.

To sum up, we faced these challenges with outbound channels:

  • Data collection and harmonization
  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Data privacy

But, shortly after solving most of these challenges outbound channels also contributed to the overall business case.

Tools and partners

In addition to IBM Interact, these marketing technology platforms have been used in this project.

Finally, if you like to even better understand next best action marketing I recommend you watching this video by Pega. It explains the topic in less than two and a half minutes.

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