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Welcome to my blog about digital marketing. My name is Rob Steffe and I am a marketing and technology creature living in the Netherlands with my wife and two teenage kids.

I am a freelance marketing technology & data specialist with almost two decades of experience in (digital) marketing and advertising. Specialized in marketing technology, it & data analysis during the last decade. Working as a consultant, interim director and coach for various international organizations in multiple industries.

With this initial post I like to share why I initiated this blog, what topics to expect and for whom I believe this could be relevant. But let me start by mentioning the following…

“I am not a professional writer by any means. Just love marketing, technology and data. And with this blog I like to share topics and point of views that are insightful, funny or -preferably- both.”

Why a blog called ‘About Digital Marketing’?

To be honest, I actually have a hard time using the term ‘digital marketing’. I believe digital marketing is just good-old marketing using new technology and data. Meaning: the possibility to automate repetitive processes and the availability and volume of actionable data. Often even in real-time.

But a blog called ‘just-marketing-using-technology-and-data’ or ‘about-marketing’ didn’t really work.

So, there you have it: about-digital-marketing.

Topics to expect on this blog

You can expect posts based on these categories. 

  • Marketing Automation and Technology,
  • Sales and Marketing Attribution,
  • Big Data and Data Privacy

Each of these categories will have more specific sub-categories such as:

  • Reputation Management
  • eCommerce
  • Advertising
  • CRM

Is ‘About Digital Marketing’ for you?

You reading this is definitely a positive indicator. But seriously…

“If you like to better understand marketing technology and big data. As well as the potential impact these developments have on your business or on you as a consumer, I believe it could be relevant to visit these pages once in a while.”

I promise you, I won’t spam you with new posts. My goal is to have a monthly post about digital marketing related topics. These can be inspired by one of my projects, current news events or triggered by my curiosity about new developments in the industry.

Happy to invite you to share feedback, connect via email/Linkedin or visit again later.

So, welcome to my blog! And make sure to read one of my next posts ‘About Marketing Automation’ or ‘Long live Digital Marketing‘.

Hope to see you soon!

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